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Survive the Monsters onslaught during the Night, scavenge & search for secrets during the Day in this Lost Jungle Temple!


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Discover Hidden Tombs, Craft Mythic weapons and Recover the Jewels to make it out the Temple!

Night & Day Cycles

Mystery Boxes (Flame Pillar)

Boss Fights

Respawn System

9 Secrets to find

Mythical weapons to craft

Gold saves but must be spent in the starter
shop before activating the game to begin
Gold resets when the 1st Day begins

Main Mission:
-Visit the Private Quartyard
-Visit the Mythic Craft House
-Locate all the Hidden Tombs (4 Tombs to finds)

Each Mission completed will be saved and a reward of 3 flowers and 100 gold will be granted upon game start to be spent in the starter shop. (Max 9 flowers and 300 Gold)

3 Statues to Activate:
- Small ammo restock per day

- +1 Crafting materials per day

- +50 gold per day

Every 3 Days survived Raptors will appear during the day time

How to get the crafting materials for mythic weapons:
-Blast Powerder drops from Raptors
-Shadowshards can be mined in the Private Quartyard
-Black Mineral Power must refined at the Convertor station in exchanged for Shadowshards
-Herbs can be picked from Pink flowers around the map (Can be picked every 1 minute)
-Sleek Mechanical parts can be purchased from a vending machine
(Mythical Crafting parts are also gifted as rewards for boss fights and locating tombs)